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Training, Development, and Advancement

We take education and training very seriously at Commercial Industries Ltd. Our employees all have completed or are in the process of completing apprenticeships to become Journeyman Electricians. Our employees are all heavily trained in the safety aspects of their jobs. In fact, we offer our own properly accredited Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), Fall Protection and Manlift training courses. We do sub contract out safety training such as Confined space, H2S Alive, and First Aid.

We continuously strive that all of our journeyman electricians continue with professional development, to that end when new products, equipment, and procedures come out, we ensure they have that training. That type of training is most often offered by manufacturer’s representatives, professional organizations such as electrical contractors association or the technical institutes such as the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).

All of our employees have the chance to start off as an apprentice and work their way to becoming a journeyman electrician. At that point our employees have a choice (should positions be available) of either working in the construction division and working through the Site Electrician, Lead Hand, Sub-Foreman, Foreman ranks or they can move into the small projects division and work their way into a service van. Often times our men switch back and forth until find a niche they like and are comfortable in.

Pay and Benefits

Commercial Industries Ltd. is a member of the Merit Contractors Association. We maintain our benefits plan through them. They offer a comprehensive medical, dental, and insurance program.

Commercial Industries Ltd. strives to pay a competitive wage rate within the industry. We receive wage reports as members of the Merit Contractors Association which provides to us the average wage rates being paid by other members of the association in our area. We like to stay in the top ½ of the average wage rate for the Greater Edmonton area. Therefore, we review our wage scale regularly to ensure that our compensation plans are competitive with the industry.