Commercial Industries Ltd. is an electrical contractor specializing in electrical maintenance & repairs, as well as new construction. Although our specialty is electrical services, we give you with value by performing other related services as well.

Qualified & Equipped
Not only do we have professional employees with the knowledge and experience to complete your job, we also have a fleet of vehicles and equipment to assist them. Commercial Industries Ltd. has 14 service vans that are fully stocked with electrical inventory and tools as well as five fully stocked and outfitted bucket trucks that can reach 70 ft. We also have manlifts, picker trucks and large capacity cable pulling equipment.

New Equipment
We use new tools that are inspected regularly to ensure proper operation and safety to our workers and your jobsite. All workers are provided with training for the operation and maintenance of all equipment. Commercial Industries Ltd. takes part in a number of safety programs, including the Certificate of Recognition Program (COR).

All of our vehicles and service technicians are equipped with Alberta-wide cellular phones and 2-way mic radios to ensure that our technicians can communicate with you and the company.